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JOIN HANDS MARINE SERVICES is a top tier, competitive ship broker at the Center of global dry bulk charter markets and strong presence in vessel sale and closeness to day to day market developments can be leveraged by drawing on board experience of its team-from mining to trading to ship operating to provide project-centered plans of action offering tangible support on commercial and operation all shipping matters. We Join Hands Marine Serviceson behalf of affiliated companies carrier and time charter. Operators Join Hands Marine Services manages the complete shipping operation from acquisition phase to crewing and bunkering through to the daily voyage instruction vessels under management range from new building under construction to vessels time chartered for single trip.

JOIN HANDS MARINE SERVICES is specialized in the mating of muscles in structuring new building under constructing vessels. Enterprise in which Join Hands Marine Services an active participation as co-investors and managers,

“Monitoring” all aspects of shipment preventing and resolving duration within the contract duration, and main part of. Operation department activity of the fleet. Today we are operating more Then 40 vessels. Ranging from 2000 to 25,000 GRT which includes BULK CARRIER, CAR CARRIER and GENERAL CARGO vessels.

We manage each shipment with the individual attention that it deserves. Customer service is, and will continue to be of paramount importance to us. Our reputation is built on reliability.

Expertise and strict fulfillment of all obligations.

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