Crew Management

Complete Crew Management

JOIN HANDS MARINE SERVICES adopts seamless approach right from the recruitment to finally placing a seafarer on board vessel. Our qualified seafarer has to undergo pre-employment medical, drug and alcohol examinations. Under govt. accredited medical clinic. Our teams continue to provide assistance to the ship owner and seafarer till the completion of safe repartition of the seafarer.

Our teams communicate and follow up all the crew related matter which comes under the preview of the P&I for both onboard and signed crew. We offer crew management for all ranks for all types of vessels. Our vessels includes Bulk carrier, General cargo, Car Carrier Ro Ro vessels, Tanker, Supply vessels.

As well as choice of crew nationality, we offer ship Owners/Operators three levels of crew management:

  • Integrated Crew Management – whereby we take care of all crew matters because the responsibilities are integrated together with the technical management – so called, Full Management of the vessels.
  • Crew Management – whereby we take care of all crew matters but the technical management is taken care of directly by the Owner/Operator or another ship manager.
  • Crew Supply – whereby our responsibility is limited to the recruitment and supply of seafarers.

We have years of experience in supplying all three levels for the full range of vessel types to well respected international companies. Additionally, we have been pioneers of cadet training programs in India for several leading ship owners and are dedicated to the ongoing development of seafarers of all nationalities.

Vision Statement

“To be a first choice globally positioned international Crew Management Company continuously delivering highest standard of service that meets and exceeds client expectations through objectively measured performance. We will provide a dynamic Crew Management & Services that is reliable, cost effective and which will add significant and sustainable value to our clients business. The vision will be accomplished with our objectives through performance and partnership”.

“Quality Crews Worldwide”

To be a premier crew management organization preferred by its customers and to exceed the aspirations of the marine industry by setting a benchmark of providing Quality Crews Worldwide with commitment and professionalism.

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